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SKOV is marketing a range of climate sensors in connection with its ventilation and production systems. These sensors are used together with SKOV house computers, supplying the computers with information about the climate in the house.

SKOV also markets a wide range of capacitive sensors from the company dol-sensors. These sensors are primarily acquired by the agricultural and feedstuff sectors but are also sold to a wide range of other industries in the process technology area.

Climate sensors

SKOV’s climate sensors are designed for carrying out measurements in atmospheric air. The sensors are very sturdy as well as easy to install and use. DOL 114 is a compact, fully electronic temperature and humidity sensor for measuring temperature and relative air humidity levels. DOL 15 is a universal, fully electronic temperature sensor. DOL 19 is a CO2 sensor designed specifically for measuring CO2 concentrations in aggressive house environments.

Capacitive sensors

SKOV also offers a wide range of capacitive sensors.

The DOL 40R series is based on microcomputer technology and sensitivity and time delay are set using two push-buttons. The DOL 40R series is available with or without thread. Accessories are available in the form of plastic glands and T-fittings for mounting on pipes. The sensors in the DOL 40R series are CE and C-UL-approved.

The sensor is also available in a flat design and is referred to as DOL 20R.

DOL 25 is a new sensor series that makes it possible for buyers of major series to combine their own sensor to meet exactly the requirements specified for solving a specific task. A range of standard variants meeting general requirements is also available. DOL 25 is available in numerous variants, including the possibility of choosing displays, threads, case dimensions and case materials. The sensors in the DOL 25 series are CE and C-UL-approved.

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