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SKOV offers a number of components, such as feed weighers and sensors, which can be used in connection with feed handling for pigs. Water registration is likewise an important indicator for production; changes in water consumption can be a sign of disease, leaks in the pipe system, and so on.​

Feed & water
Feed weighing and water registration


SKOV's feed weighers have a capacity of up to 40 kg, and can be used in connection with systems for dry feeding. The weigher is especially sturdy and known for its high degree of accuracy.



Changes in water consumption can indicate outbreak of disease, but can also be an indication of water waste, increased temperature in the house, or poor feed. In cases of disease outbreak or increased temperature in the house, the animals' water intake will increase. Water consumption is measured by a water meter, and recorded by the climate computer.


With SKOV's water meter you can measure the animals' water consumption
The best range of sensors for animal production​

Sensors from dol-sensors are specially developed for use in an aggressive livestock house environment. We primarily use sensors in two main areas - sensors for the recording of feed in connection with production management and climate sensors to ensure comfort and productivity in animal production.

Used together with our production computers, production sensors ensure an efficient and seamless handling of grain and other feedstuffs. Climate sensors are used to record changes in the climate, including temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors. The sensors are supplied both as single and as multifunctional sensors.​

At SKOV, we focus on animal production, which is why we also develop the sensors for this particular purpose. In many cases, we can adapt the design of the sensor or offer the customers accessories that make it easier to install the sensor in the application. 

We have the most sturdy and precise climate and production sensors on the market 

                            ​​Climate and farm management for pig production

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