The system is a classic negative pressure system used for ventilation of insect production facilities focusing on the black soldier fly and mealworms. The system is intended for nursery and grow-out larvae and pupae produced in temperate regions of the world, and it can be adapted to most insect productions.

Insect production is an intensive production form. The insects have a high heat production, just as the CO2 and NH3 levels can be high in proportion to the room area. It requires an efficient ventilation system with high and uniform air exchange, ensuring good production conditions throughout the house.

The attic space is divided into an air intake duct and an air outlet duct. The air is let in from the attic space into the livestock house and exhausted through the attic space.

The placement of the air inlet is optimized concerning air direction, volume, and velocity.

The exhaust units are adjusted according to the Dynamic MultiStep principle, which substantially reduces power consumption.


  • 50+ years of experience from the pig and poultry business
  • Uniform climate all year round
  • Low energy and heating consumption
  • Low running costs, efficient chimneys, fans, and control principles
  • Easy to install and low maintenance costs

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