Danish Farm Concept in Southeast Asia


Danish Farm Concept exports pig technology to Southeast Asia

Vietnam and the Philippines invest in the Danish model for pig production
Danish Farm Concept has signed the first contracts to supply investors in Vietnam and the Philippines with new turnkey pig production facilities. Representing the cooperative expertise of six companies, Danish Farm Concept is the first business enterprise with the capability to deliver the complete Danish model for pig production.

Global leader
Denmark is a global leader in pig production, recognised for a production average above 30 weaned piglets per sow. That’s made it a choice destination for investors seeking advice and support about supplying the fast-growing markets of Southeast Asia and China with high quality, locally produced pork.
The question for all of them is: how can local farmers achieve the necessary standards for safe and efficient pig production so they can meet this demand? 


A professional step up
“Southeast Asian markets have traditionally relied on small-scale farmers to supply the meat they need. But, with consumer demand in rapid growth, such farms are incapable of producing enough pork of the right quality,” says Bjarne Kornbek Pedersen, initiator behind Danish Farm Concept and director of one of the participating companies, Danish Farm Design.
“Danish Farm Concept offers a holistic package. Our expertise ranges over robust and environmentally friendly farm designs; genetics for high productivity and top quality breeding animals; biosecurity, nutrition and health; education programmes and pig farm management.
“Our member companies can provide advice, expertise and training and deliver the equipment and technology for a highly efficient operation.”


Safe food, good returns
The professional pig production facilities on the way to Vietnam and the Philippines will be tailored to local needs and conditions. Once in operation, they will both supply safe food to demanding consumers and deliver good returns to investors.
“The producers who do best are those who optimise all parameters – animal care, infection protection and farm management. Danish Farm Concept can equip them to achieve that,” Pedersen says.


About Danish Farm Concept
The six companies behind Danish Farm Concept cover all aspects of the Danish model for pig production: education, management, housing technology, biosecurity and health, genetics and nutrition.

Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business offers international education programmes for agricultural students, from short courses to master degree level.
Danish Farm Design provides robust and efficient pig farm designs with a focus on high biosecurity. Training of local staff in pig farm management is another area of expertise.
DanBred International is a licensed supplier of DanAvl genetics developed through the Danish breeding programme.
SKOV develops and supplies ventilation, heating and cooling systems for optimised health and daily weight gain in the pig barn.
Vissing Agro specialises in durable, low-waste feeding systems and pig housing technology optimised to Danish genetics.
HAMLET PROTEIN is an expert in nutritionally optimised feed formulations and supplier of bioprocessed speciality soya proteins.

For more information, contact Bjarne K. Pedersen, email: [email protected],
phone +45 2440 9763.