Cooperation anniversary


SKOV operates all over the world, thus we are deeply dependent on a widely branched network of competent distributors in order to provide our customers the best possible service. We have cooperated with some of our distributors for ages. FarmWay in Korea is one the distributors we have worked with for many years – 20 years to be exact and for that occasion we would like to present to you the company that initiated the idea of a Combi-Tunnel system. 

A meeting that developed into years of collaboration 

Back in 1997 Mr Park, owner of FarmWay Inc., visited SKOV’s stand at VIV Asia and got into conversation with Arne Overgaard. A meeting was set up in Korea and this was the beginning of a cooperation that has lasted for twenty years to the delight of both parties.

The Combi-Tunnel system is developed 

Soon it turned out that Mr Park and his customers needed something not yet invented. A ventilation system that combined the side mode ventilation with tunnel mode ventilation. SKOV's team of developers started working on how to make a system that fulfilled these needs and still provided the animals the optimum conditions. The SKOV Combi-Tunnel system was developed and through the years Mr Park and his team has sold several of these systems to the Korean farmers. Five years after the first meeting with Arne Overgaard, Mr Won joined FarmWay and the two partners have now built up a strong company, which works closely with three contractors that take care of installing the ventilation systems.

First-class service based on knowledge from own farm 

FarmWay has always provided first class service and for a number of years they had their own broiler farm which gave the company valuable insight in the poultry production to the benefit of the customers. Recently, FarmWay became a Certified Service Partner. We wanted to show our appreciation after twenty years of cooperation. Therefore, Mr Park and Mr Won were given a 20 year old, special whisky and a certificate at the SKOV Asia dealer meeting in Bangkok.