DOL 63X improves your overview


New controller based on user experiences

Recently we released the new DOL 63X climate and production controller for pig production. The controller comprises many great features and is the successor to our popular DOL 234F controller. Like it is the case with any new SKOV product, it is a user driven development meaning that the controller is developed based on customer experience. You are the experts and you and your staff are the ones using the product on a daily basis, so we are very responsive to your input.

Spottrup pig production

  • 2200 sows
  • 85000 weaners a year
  • 10 full-time employees
  • Production spread on two sites

Module-based controller with large touchscreen 
Based on your inputs we have developed the DOL 63X series and we have asked Product Manager Niels Riis to highlight the most exciting features “One of the major improvements is that the DOL 63X controller is module-based meaning you build it with the functions that match your exact needs. No more, no less. 

Also, the computer is equipped with a large touchscreen and you have info status screens that tell you exactly what the controller is doing at the moment.” explains Niels Riis. 

Besides the above-mentioned features, the controller is extendable with a production module that gives you a complete overview of your productivity. It enables you to monitor the water consumption, feed intake, and based on the registration the controller calculates key figures such as daily gain, water-feed ratio, feeding efficiency, etc.

Better overview and customised screen views
Soren Andersen is a third generation farmer and like his grandfather and father before him, he produces pigs. The production is based in Spottrup, Denmark and Soren is a modern producer who is very oriented towards new technologies that optimise the daily work and improve the productivity. He is familiar with SKOV’s products and he has used the new controller for a couple of months.

“The large touch screen must be the one feature that I like the most. It is much easier to get an overview and it is easy to make the necessary adjustments because you can reach the screen view you want in just one touch, says Soren Andersen. 

Soren is already familiar with the new controller and switches between the different views at ease. - It is very individual which values you prefer to have at first sight but with the new controller, you can setup the screen with whatever values and short cuts you want, explains Niels Riis, who shows Soren Andersen some features that he has not explored yet.

Faster operation with the daily view screen
- In my opinion, the "daily view" screen is a brilliant feature especially for my employees. I am the one who makes the great change of settings whereas the staff is making the daily adjustments. With the customised front screen views you can gather all the features needed in one single screen view which makes the work day much easier and also we have a better overview of what is going on, says Soren Andersen. 

Even though half of the farm staff are foreigners, they operate the controller in Danish but still Søren Andersen points out the language settings. ”During an introduction period, I believe it is very handy for the employee that he/she can serve the controller in his/her native language to avoid misunderstandings, explains Soren Andersen. 

The production in Spottrup is divided between two sites and Soren Andersen emphasises Service Access as another important feature.

Remote control with FarmOnline
“Both me and my staff members have a smartphone from which we are able to operate the controllers from FarmOnline®. That means we save a lot of time and that we can react prompt in case of irregularities. Actually, I estimate that 70% of all daily changes are made from a smartphone, concludes Soren Andersen. 

The DOL 63X series is sales released and for those of you who already have a DOL 234F controller, we offer easy upgrades.