From Atlanta to Glyngøre


The first question that struck me when I first met Matthew was: ‘What on earth is he thinking? Moving from a thriving metropolis to Glyngore!’ There is a striking contrast between the two cities. Atlanta is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Georgia, while Glyngore is a small village in Jutland Denmark with a population of about 1,500.

Tip from advisor directed the attention at SKOV
Nevertheless, Matthew Ryan Hicks jumped on a plane from Atlanta to Denmark back in July for a formal interview. This was his first time ever outside the States and he had a future as a System Developer at SKOV before him. - The first time I heard about SKOV was from my advisor Michael Czarick. After some research, I noticed that SKOV was a well-developed company with a great reputation in the area of ventilation systems.

Perfect job match
Matthew has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and a master’s degree in Poultry Science from The University of Georgia. During his master’s degree, Matthew’s research focused on ventilation and management for poultry production and he wanted to find a job where he could use both of his degrees. He also had the desire to travel and explore Europe. SKOV met all his criteria and in the beginning of September Matthew started as a System Developer for SKOV A/S at the headquarters in Glyngore.

Has the job lived up to its expectations?

- So far it has been a great experience to work for SKOV. The company has been very welcoming and the atmosphere is so informal and efficient, concludes Matthew. 

It was not planned to hire an American as the new system developer, but when the opportunity presented itself, the decision seemed quite obvious. - Matthew is educated from one of the most acknowledged universities within climate technology but he also has a profound knowledge of the North American market, explains Lars C. Sørensen, System Manager on the question why Matthew was picked for the job.

- The Americans are known for ventilating in a different way than we do in Europe. Even though we believe that our solutions provide optimum results, I am convinced that Matthew brings diversity into our company. A contribution that will have a positive effect on our solutions in the end, concludes Lars C. Sørensen.