Global company. Local development



We include customer knowledge

Ten per cent of SKOV's annual turnover is ploughed back into the development of new products and systems. Which idea to realise is decided based on input from markets and customer wishes. It is important that we include customer knowledge and other knowledge in the market in the process to be able to develop successful products. ​


Product development with an Asian focus

"Our head office and development department are in Denmark, but most of our turnover comes from markets characterised by other production conditions than Denmark," says Søren Smedegaard, Manager Business Development, SKOV A/S.


Development department in Bangkok​

​ Asia is one of SKOV's largest markets, and it is important to create products that match the needs of Asian customers.

"This is why we have established a development department in our subsidiary company​​ in Bangkok in Thailand, with a focus on mechanical solutions for the Asian market. This way, we make sure there is a close connection between need and solution," Søren Smedegaard continues.

The development department in Bangkok primarily works on solutions for the Asian market, but they can also often be used in the Central and South American markets.

"Even though SKOV is a global business, it is important to act locally when developing new products. Our development department in Bangkok is the first, good example of this," Søren Smedegaard concludes.