From internship to employee



For the final semester of my Production Technology degree, I had a two-month internship at SKOV A/S. I knew a little about the company already, as I had made a coursework project together with my fellow students where SKOV assigned the tasks.


During my internship, I was allowed to work with everything from daily maintenance tasks and test work to larger projects. A large amount of my time was spent on preliminary work in the form of the first 3D drawings for a larger project, which was to start up after my internship.

Subsequently, I also produced my graduation project in collaboration with SKOV. For this project however, I worked mostly at home and at school, but I had a lot of meetings and telephone/email correspondence with people from the R&D department, who were extremely helpful. It was incredibly satisfying to work on a project, which could actually be used for something and which the person who had assigned the task took seriously.

I am pleased that I spent my internship at SKOV, as I learned a lot. Afterwards, I have been hired as a mechanical developer at SKOV.

/​Jakob Thorhauge Christensen, Mechanical Developer at SKOV A/S