Knowledge-based results



​SKOV turns specialist knowledge into concrete solutions

SKOV specialises in ventilation and farm management for animal production. We hold substantial expertise regarding animal climate requirements and how to create an optimum livestock house climate.

We do not know everything - so we collaborate with people who do

We are quite aware that we cannot be the best at everything. At SKOV, we do what we do best, and then we select some of the best specialists to collaborate with. This way, we ensure that we can give our customers attractive solutions that make them competitive and give a high level of animal well-being. We collaborate with people in a wide range of fields, allowing us to harvest the expertise that we do not hold ourselves. Over the years, we have established a strong and competent network, including universities and research centres.

When expert knowledge translates into functional solutions

​When developing the air cleaning system Farm AirClean, we collaborated, among others, with a number of researchers with extensive knowledge of biological cleaning processes at Aarhus and Aalborg University in Denmark. At SKOV, we implemented their knowledge and research results in the development of our system. This resulted in the ground-breaking and innovative Farm AirClean system, giving the pig producer maximum cleaning for their investment. We maintain our collaboration with the researchers from Aarhus, in order that we can continue to optimise and develop the system.

When developing our DA 600 LPC fan, which has set a new standard for energy-efficient chimney fans, we collaborated with leading Danish knowledge centres such as Aarhus University and Danish Technological Institute, just as other private companies contributed to the project. Together with these partners, we developed a high-power, energy-efficient fan capable of satisfying the need for low wind susceptibility (high-pressure stability) and low noise levels.

We will continue to expand our collaboration with the world's leading knowledge centres and not least with the world's leading experts - our customers, who keep challenging us to do better.​