Monitor the correlation between feed intake and growth


First ProGrow installation in the US

In 2018, Ryan Klocke from Iowa became the first pig farmer in the US to install ProGrow. Since then, he has made great use of the system and daily monitors his pigs’ weight, feed intake, and water intake.


The farm

Ryan Klocke built his farm in 2007, completed with SKOV ventilation system. Today he manages 2,400 pig places from weaner to finisher on his farm in Templeton, Iowa.


In 2018, he upgraded to new controllers and installed ProGrow cameras and feed weighers to monitor his production better. The ProGrow installation monitors the correlation between the pigs’ feed intake and their growth and can foresee when they hit the target weight.



Screenshot from FarmOnline showing live pictures of the pigs, average weight, and the number of weighings per day.



Here, one year later, Ryan uses ProGrow and FarmOnline every day to monitor his pigs: “I usually start my day off in the office and look over the last 24 hours – what the barn has done as far as how the pigs are performing.”


Using ProGrow, Ryan monitors the water and feed consumption to keep track of the pigs’ daily patterns and weight gain. If water or feed consumption drops, it could be a sign of health issues arising in the barn. Seeing arising issues early, helps Ryan make better decisions now, or as he puts it: “Make smarter decisions quicker.”


Below, Ryan explains some of the advantages he has experienced with the ProGrow installation from SKOV.




Tracking the average daily gain with ProGrow enables Ryan to improve his production results. Based on the monitoring, he is now able to foresee when the pigs will be at target weight, rather than guessing and hoping to hit close: “It (ProGrow) allows us to make decisions based on the data from the camera – it’s factual.”




Screenshot from FarmOnline giving the farmer instant information about daily gain, daily feed/water intake, and FCR.


What is ProGrow?

ProGrow is a system developed by SKOV to give you a unique insight into your day-to-day operation. By getting a clear overview of data, you can see the correlation between feed intake and growth. If the optimal production conditions are compromised, it will show in the data, and you can adjust parameters right away before the production is affected.

The system includes an integrated climate and production computer which controls ventilation, heating and cooling, the dry feeding system, monitors feed and water consumption, and provides the opportunity for registering animals for sale/delivery/removal to recovery pen, as well as dead pigs. Read more and watch a video about ProGrow here.