New benchmarking service


Benchmark against other producers

Have you ever wondered how your production results rate when compared with the ones of your colleagues? This question can now be answered with SKOV’s new benchmarking service that enables a comparison between you and your colleagues’ broiler productions.

Broiler benchmarking service

  • Compare anonymously production results
          within the industry

  • Provide key figures of where to optimize
          the production

    SKOV's new digital service compares the broiler producers anonymously on selected production and climate parameters, and in only a few minutes the service can provide the producers with essential key figures of where to optimize their production.


    The experienced Danish broiler producer, Finn Jensen, has already been introduced to the new service, and he is curious to know how well he is ranked compared to other Danish colleagues with SKOV systems, as he states: "It is interesting to find out whether you rank as good as you expect and how your results distinguish from other producers".


    When Finn looks at the presentation for the first time, he is amazed at the results: "SKOV is definitely onto something great here – it is exciting with the comparison on especially the climate parameters" he says.


    For Finn, however, it is not an unfamiliar practice to check statistics and comparisons for broiler producers, but as he puts it: "The visual approach SKOV uses to present the data and our rankings compared to each other has given me new extra insights."


    Free Trial

    Go to our web store and get a free trial of our Broiler Benchmarking.

    At the moment, it's only FarmOnline users within Europe who can benefit from this service.



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