New modern test centre ensures development of future products


Testing new products is a significant part of the development process. SKOV has recently put a large new test centre into service. The centre ensures that future products meet our high standards for quality and customer expectations when launched. The test centre includes new air-testing rigs, as well as a new aerophysics laboratory.

SKOV test centre

  • Most modern test centre in the world
  • Air test rigs of 100,000 m3/h
  • Aerospace labatory - testing air flows

New modern test centre ensures development of future products
SKOV has just completed an expansion of the Glyngøre factory of 5000 extra square metres. This means that we now have a total of 16,000 m2 under one roof. The expansion includes a new test centre offering totally new possibilities for testing the products we develop for use in future pork and poultry productions. “The new test centre allows us to test much larger products, as well as being able to make the tests far more realistic,” says Tommy Berg Nielsen, who is responsible for SKOV’s mechanical testing on a daily basis. The test centre is equipped with two new air-testing rigs that have a capacity of 25,000 m3/h and 100,000 m3/h respectively. The air-testing rigs are built according to the ISO 5801 standard and are used to measure the performance and energy efficiency of fans/inlets.

“Our previous test facilities also included an air-testing rig but due to the size we could not test the big fans that we work with today,” says Tommy Berg. 

The BlueFan wall fan, recently put onto the market by SKOV, is one of the devices that requires an air-testing tank with a very high capacity. “We tested the BlueFan at the BESS Lab at the University of Illinois in the United States, which is probably the most recognised testing facility in the world. We then tested the same fan in our new air-testing rigs, which resulted in a difference of less than 1% compared with the BESS Lab test, so this must be a seal of approval,” continues Tommy Berg. 

“We have also invested in new sound level measuring equipment that now allows us to indicate the noise level of our fans, which is an increasing requirement in relation to environmental compatibility. The expansion also includes an aerophisics laboratory, where we have the opportunity to test the aerodynamic aspects in connection with the ventilation. ‘The box’, as we call the room, has been fitted with an adjustable ceiling, which enables us to test the movements of the air for a flat ceiling, as well as for a ceiling design with an angle of up to 15°,” says Tommy Berg. 

Temperature differences between outdoor and indoor climates are also a significant factor when working with ventilation for livestock housing. “The new aerophisics laboratory provides us with the opportunity to work with temperature differences exceeding 40° - between outside and indoor temperatures.

The room also provides us with the opportunity of constructing cages in the room. We can also simulate the heat production of an animal via heating elements built into the floor,” concludes Tommy Berg. In addition, the new testing facilities contain an area for stress and long-term studies of products, as well as the possibility of testing materials in a wet environment. SKOV’s new test centre is one of the most modern testing centres in the industry.