SKOV Academy in Australia


Tailor-made courses in Australia

Martin Rishoej, SKOV's Poultry Expert, and Academy Manager, Ruth Palludan, arranged trainings for customers and distributors. For fourteen days, they held courses in Bendigo, Brisbane, Sydney and Goulburn. For SKOV, it is important that our customers are familiar with the solutions, which we sell to them. That is also why we arrange courses both in the Academy in Denmark and tailor-made courses on site.

Skov academy

Together with our dealer Agritech, we held two shows. The first was in Bendigo, South Australia and the next stop was in Adelaide, South East Australia. Both were two-day courses and the main part of the participants were breeder producers. On day one, focus was on the climate and production controller DOL 539 and how to use it. The focus was on both the technical features and on the benefits from a management point of view. Day two the participants learned about the farm management program FarmOnline. - FarmOnline provides a lot of valuable data. Analysing the data the right way will boost your production, explains Martin Rishoej. 

Daily challenges and improved productivity with few changes

In Goulburn, we had the privilege of teaching a group of breeder producers. Besides the DOL 539 controller, the participants learned about the DOL 2200 alarm. Focus was on the daily challenges and how to improve the productivity with only a few changes. The last stop during the Australian roadshow was at our dealer FarmMark in Brisbane. Unlike the previous three courses, this focused on correct installation and maintenance.

" Hi Ruth 

Hope you had a good flight home. Thanks again for the training you gave me and my team in Brisbane. We all took a lot from the course and felt you delivered it to us in a very trades/technician-oriented way. 

Also you trade knowledge was also reassuring as we felt we could talk in the same "lingo" and we all understood each other".

- Ben Bonomi, Manager Bon Electronics

For SKOV it is beneficial to arrange this type of training sessions. We get first hand feedback from both end-users and technicians. We bring back home the feedback and use it to provide our customers even better products and service.