Trainee of the Year: Djakuy za nagorody


Trainee of the Year: Djakuy za nagorody

That’s how this year’s winner of Trainee of the Year 2017 would say ‘thank you for the award’ in her Ukrainian mother tongue. The road that led her to the position as trainee with SKOV has been different to that of most other people.


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From herdswoman to financial economist
When Kseniia came to Denmark, she worked as an unskilled farm worker, and later, as a herdswoman. Nevertheless, her desire to further her education was so strong that she trained to become a financial economist, subsequently gaining a position as Office Trainee at SKOV A/S.

A progressive trainee with language skills
“We could already sense that Kseniia had something special when we read the trainee applications and later interviewed the candidates via Skype. We could tell that she was an applicant with a specific focus, and this has only proven to be the case. She is an active girl who knows what she wants,” says Lisbeth Pedersen, Chief Accountant at SKOV A/S and Kseniia’s immediate superior. 

Throughout her entire trainee period, Kseniia has completed all the tasks that she has been given with diligence and care. She accepts a great amount of responsibility, and is not only appreciated by the management, but also by her colleagues. Kseniia’s happy nature has won over the hearts of her colleagues and she has had her place in the company since day one. The company has found out along the way that Kseniia’s language skills are another one of her assets.

“Some of our most important export markets are located in Eastern Europe. Kseniia is fluent in both Russian and Ukrainian and this has proven to be a great advantage for us. In fact, she has acted as an interpreter for our Eastern European customers on several occasions. This is a major asset to our sales organisation, says CEO Jørgen Yde Jensen. 

Not only does Kseniia hold herself well in her native tongue, but she is also constantly working on her Danish language skills, which have already reached a high level. Kseniia has recently written a paper on how the company can save money on telephony and the internet. The company is now implementing the solutions she outlined in the paper.

“Kseniia is an example that can be followed by all young people in vocational education. Many of our companies are in need of more people becoming aware of the numerous opportunities offered by vocational training. There is always a need for skilled professionals, and Kseniia from SKOV A/S is one of these,” says Palle Damborg, President of DI Skive Viborg. 

This autumn, Kseniia Stentoft – together with the trainee award winners from other parts of the country – will be invited to have lunch at the Confederation of Danish Industry in Copenhagen with DI’s CEO Karsten Dybvad and President of the Danish Union of Metalworkers Claus Jensen.