SKOV aims at long-term cooperation

The procurement department at SKOV handles all types of purchases. This includes entering agreements for commodities and commercial products as well as covering indirect purchases such as electricity, gas, flights, office supplies, etc. It is the responsibility of the procurement department to enter long-term cooperation with suppliers who can offer competitive prices, a high level of servicing and quality as well as timeliness in delivery. Besides, SKOV is only interested in working with suppliers who are willing to resolve the acute challenges that will crop up during the cooperation – what we term suppliers with the right attitude!


  • Head of the procurement department
  • Jens Ebbesen Nielsen
  • E: [email protected]
Cooperation requirements and expectations towards your company

If your company wishes to become part of the supplier portfolio of SKOV, your company:

  • Displays social accountability and live up to the principles in the UN Global Compact.
  • You think long-term and ensure that SKOV maintains or even improves its purchase prices through investments and automation, among other things. You are also capable of coming up with proposals to improve the cost price, quality, or delivery time.
  • Focuses on and establishes goals for your own performance within servicing, quality and delivery.
  • You are aware that SKOV works globally with clients in the agricultural sector - a sector of unstable sales patterns where changes made to orders are a regular phenomenon.
  • You have revised the contractual basis and accept entering an agreement on this basis.
  • You have the willingness and the ability to hold SKOV products in stock to ensure short delivery times and delivery 'just in time'.
Contact us by sending an email to [email protected], if you are interested in
talking to SKOV about the possibility of a long-term cooperation.                  

Please append a presentation of your company in the email as well as a detailed description of what types of products/services you can offer SKOV.

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Contractual basis
Standard contractual basis

To enter a long-term cooperation with SKOV, it is a required that the SKOV Standard Contractual Basis has been accepted and signed.


SKOV operates with two types of contractual basis:

SKOV Standard Trade Agreement

We use this agreement for suppliers of products considered complex, investment-heavy or critical. It could also be that we expect the turnover to constitute a high value during the cooperation.

SKOV Conditions for Purchase & Delivery
We use this agreement for suppliers of products considered simple or easily available. It could also be that we expect the turnover to constitute a low value during the cooperation.

The appendix for both agreements consists of SKOV Supplier Handbook: Supplier Handbook (How to Cooperate) 



SKOV Supplier Handbook (How to Cooperate)
The Supplier Handbook describes guidelines for a cooperation with SKOV. These guidelines must of course be complied with in case of a cooperation. 


Send an email to [email protected] with a presentation of your company and the products you can offer SKOV as well as a link to your website, if you have one. The relevant person within a given purchasing area will receive your e-mail.

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