Reliable system for many years



Preventive maintenance keeps your system running

A SKOV solution is developed to provide pig and poultry producers worldwide with excellent production conditions and optimum livestock conditions for many years. ​Equipment from SKOV has been developed to last many years, but, just as we see in the auto industry, service needs are different for a system that has been running for 1 year over one that has been in operation for 10​. 

A SKOV system will keep its optimal capacity for years, provided it has been serviced and maintained.

Many countries - One (high) standard

At SKOV, we strive to create standards for our service work. Our customers should receive the same quality service, whether provided in Brazil or India. This is why we are currently training and certifying a number of service partners to receive the status of Certified Service Partner (CSP). Once a company has been certified, it will provide the same high service standards as SKOV's own service organisation.

Our certified partners have completed a structured training course with SKOV, enabling them to check and optimise the system, and they will also be able to supply original SKOV spare parts.

Currently, there are certified service partners (CSP) in places such as Germany, South Africa, Poland, Norway, and China, among others. Click here​ to see if there is a CSP in your region.