Renovation resulted in significant improvements


A beneficial renovation resulted in an FCR of 1.60

In the summer of 2019, Paolo Santoni started a renovation project of his three poultry houses in Viterbo in the center of Italy – already now, he sees significant improvements.




  • FCR decreases from 1.82 to 1.60
  • Mortality dropped from 5% to 2%
  • Better air quality
  • Good and dry litter

Realizing the issue
Paolo Santoni was experiencing issues with his existing ventilation system – especially during wintertime, where not enough fresh air was let into the house. Lack of fresh air and good circulation caused too high levels of CO2 and ammonia (NH3) in the livestock house and the litter could not dry properly. Before starting the renovation, Paolo Santoni made sure to explore the options in the market. He consulted his local dealer, Francesco Lattanzi, from MBE Breeding Equipment, who suggested a climate and farm management system from SKOV.



The system
Paolo Santoni is renovating one house at the time to affect the production as little as possible. He finalized the renovation of two houses and is planning to start the renovation of the third house at the beginning of December 2019. The renovation of all three livestock houses includes a full ventilation system with wall inlets, climate controllers, emergency opening, DOL sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, CO2, and ammonia, and SKOV’s farm management system, FarmOnline. Through FarmOnline, Paolo Santoni can monitor the climate in his livestock houses 24/7, including precise measurements of temperature, humidity, CO2, and ammonia. The system takes into account the outside temperature and age of the birds to continuously assure the optimal conditions, best welfare, and the highest weight gain.



Paolo Santoni can monitor his production in FarmOnline on his laptop, or directly on the controller in the livestock house.


When Paolo Santoni finalized the renovation of the first house, he stocked all three broiler houses to see how the newly renovated house compared with the two existing houses. Paolo Santoni found that the climate in the new house has improved significantly, which resulted in a perfect distribution and even movement of the birds on the floor. The litter remained dry and friable throughout the batch, and in combination with the excellent air exchange, it resulted in outstanding air quality and better smell in the house. Furthermore, Paolo Santoni has seen a better weight gain since the fourth day. The FCR in the renovated house has improved tremendously and is now at 1.60 compared to a 1.82 average in the two other houses. The mortality has also dropped and is now at 2% in the renovated house compared to 5% in the other two houses. In general, the renovation has brought the perfect conditions to the animals resulting in growth and animal welfare to improve significantly.


The house is equipped with DA 1211 wall inlets from SKOV that automatically adjust to the correct angle to secure the best amount of air and airflow.


The project
Paolo Santoni states that he was pleased with the guidance he received from SKOV, both pre and post-sales. He noticed high transparency and brilliant clarity, both commercially and technically. Especially the counseling from SKOV's poultry specialist, Martin Rishøj, was highly appreciated. Martin Rishøj remotely monitored the activities in the livestock house during the first batch to ensure that the birds had optimal conditions.


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