SKOV nourished the urge to travel



As a student in Business Administration at Jean Moulin, Lyon 3 University in France, I had to go abroad for a two months’ internship in order to obtain my bachelor degree.

I joined the sales department of SKOV A/S from April to May 2014. My goal over these two months was to help expand the French sales force. In that sense, I published job offers to recruit new salespersons on various communication mediums. I also helped improving the territorial coverage of the current French sales force to make it more efficient.

This first professional experience outside the French borders has been very beneficial for me. Firstly, it taught me to rapidly adapt to a new environment, both in the company and in my daily life. Then, it increased my awareness of the different working methods and working atmospheres from one country to another.

I cannot help but say that my first international experience has nourished the urge to travel to the extent that I am now spending a year in Canada in connection with my studies.


/Romane Juillet, business student from France​