Six months of stationing in Australia


Six months of stationing in Australia

2017 was a very busy year for SKOV in Australia and New Zealand. It was necessary with an extra pair of hands and we decided to station Service Technician Soren Mikkelsen for a half of year.

12 June 2017 Soren boarded a flight from Denmark knowing that he would not return before December. – I have been abroad before and I looked forward to the stay and to work together with the team down under, says Soren.

Commissioning and training sessions
The six-month stay in Australia was less exotic than it sounds. It involved a lot of hours and also working in Australia means working in a country with large distances. 

- During my stay I made more than 20 domestic flights and several flights to Bangkok in Thailand, so I have seen a large part of Australia from above, says Soren with a smile on his face. 

The main reason for stationing Soren in Australia was to assist SKOV’s distributors with commissioning projects. During the stay, he helped commission more than 20 farms. Besides assisting the local distributors with commissioning, he trained both SKOV employees, distributors and end users. 

- We were very busy in 2017 and without Soren here during that busy period, we would have been struggling badly. Soren assisted a lot in trainings of new technicians and Certified Service Partners and made sure everyone has been updated in the latest software etc. It was a great pleasure to have Soren in Australia, states Arne Overgaard, Regional Export Manager.

Insight and costumer involvement
With an education as an agricultural machine mechanics and more than 26 years of experience at SKOV, Soren has seen a wide range of livestock houses and ventilation solutions around the world. But like he says it you will never get to old to learn new things and that is a motivational factor, he says. 

- Being abroad is both exciting and educational as you get to know a lot of new interesting people and you gain new knowledge on the different climate conditions within the specific area and the challenges involved, explains Soren. 

Having an employee stationed in the market is very valuable, not only for the regional manager but for SKOV as an organization. 
- Soren brings back important insights that we can use for improving our solutions, explains Jesper Mogensen, R&D Manager. 

We want to excel in customer focus by further strengthening customer involvement in the development of our products, systems and services. It is important for SKOV to know the customers pains and gains to develop the solutions that improve their business.

For now, Soren is back at the headquarters in Denmark where he supports the customers but at some point, he will be stationed abroad again.