Slaughter Weight predictions



After three batches I fully trust the predictions of the application

Solveig Nørmark has now tested SKOV's digital service - Slaughter Weight - throughout three batches, and her experience with the application has been so good that Solveig uses the predictions of the application when she needs to report the slaughter weight to the slaughterhouse.


Solveig Nørmark operates a broiler production near Struer, Denmark, together with her husband, Jens Kristian Nørmark. The production takes place in two identical livestock houses with an annual production of 550,000 broilers.


Also, Solveig takes care of production at a neighboring farm, which also has a yearly production of 500,000 broilers.


“I started looking after broilers in 2005, and two years later, we decided to buy our present farm – I, therefore, have some years of experience in rearing broilers,” says Solveig Nørmark.



Solveig and her husband Kristian Nørmark operates a broiler production near Struer, Denmark.


The farm is equipped with SKOV ventilation and production control systems. Throughout three batches of broilers, Solveig has tested a new digital service from SKOV - Slaughter Weight - that helps broiler producers predict the slaughter weight of birds.


“The slaughterhouse recompenses us with DKK 0.04 per kg for a good weight precision of the broilers we send for slaughter. It amounts to a good deal of money when you have an annual meat production of 1,400,000 kg,” says Solveig.


The slaughterhouses like to receive information about the slaughter weight of the broilers as precise and timely as possible, as it improves their further marketing possibilities.


Solveig starts to monitor the prediction five days before slaughter and typically submits data to the slaughterhouse two days prior to slaughter. The prediction for the slaughterhouse is submitted at an hourly level, including transportation time.


“I wasn’t impressed by the results of the first batch, but I have now used the application throughout three batches and have come to a point where I fully trust the predictions of the application,” Solveig continues.


The software of the Slaughter Weight application is self-learning, which means that the prediction becomes more precise over time. Stable production is necessary for the application to become better and better at predicting the slaughter weight, e.g., that the broilers are given the same feed batch after batch and desired to be slaughtered at the same weight. The application will adapt over time if changes are made to production.



Solveig uses the data from the digital service, Slaughter Weight, to report the expected weight of her broilers to the slaughterhouse.


“The fact that the application provides reliable data is, of course, crucial for my decision to continue using it after the test period. It is equally important, however, that data is provided in an easy and manageable manner, which means that I don’t have to spend time searching for what is relevant,” says Solveig.


Now that Solveig has tested and seen the value of the Slaughter Weight program, she has started testing Trend Warnings, another online service in SKOV's range of products.


Trend Warnings includes a function with a dynamic reference curve, which adapts to the individual batches. The dynamic reference curve ensures that warnings and suggestions for action are provided based on the production in question and not a static reference curve.


“My husband and I have the day-to-day responsibility for our own houses. We have an internal competition for who achieves the best slaughter results,” says Solveig.


Solveig uses the dynamic reference curve to keep a consistent focus on the factors she would like to optimize.


“Though I believe that our production in the two livestock houses is identical, there are still some minor differences in our daily approach. Trend Warnings helps me stay focused and informs me when I start to deviate from what is planned,” concludes Solveig.


Slaughter Weight and Trend Warnings are new online services from SKOV. Data is provided via the FarmOnline management program.


Slaughter Weight has so far been tested in Denmark and Finland. You can read more about Slaughter Wright and Trend Warnings from SKOV here:


Feel free to reach out to Product Manager, Jes Rasmussen, on [email protected] for more information.