SKOV gave me responsibility



​Søren Dahlgaard, Production Technology student at Dania Academy of Higher Education in Skive, specialising in production and process optimisation, describes his internship in SKOV.


In a previous semester, I had submitted a proposal to SKOV's production layout, and during my internship I worked at implementing this proposal. I have analysed various problems in production and assisted in purchasing new equipment for improving the working environment of employees in production. I have acted as project manager during the change process and been responsible for planning, agreements with suppliers, specification of equipment and negotiation of terms with the implicated parties.


SKOV as an internship

​SKOV is a hospitable company, and you are constantly met by smiling employees and commitment from the people you work with. SKOV has given me the opportunity to try out a whole load of things that I was not sure of. I have also gained great pleasure from the fantastic sparring from both the Head of Production and the Head of Production Engineering in the company. The fact that the managers in a company have taken time out of a busy working day to teach someone else was, for a student in my situation, invaluable.


SKOV is a confident workplace that has allowed me as a student to take the lead as regards employees, suppliers and other interested parties. This has given me self-confidence and a good portion of experience in communicating with different professional areas and levels in the organisation.