Digitalization is not an option, it is prerequisite


Digitalization is not an option, it is prerequisite

Years back most farmers would have laughed if you told them that in the future they would have GPS driven tractors, automated milking robots and that the pigs were weighed with a camera. Today these products are reality and the agricultural industry becomes more complex which requires a high degree of digitalization and automatization.

facts of the digitalization

  • 9 billion people within 2050
  • Restricted resources require higher efficiency
  • Shortage of qualified labour

9 billion mouths to feed
The world population is expected to reach more than 9 billion within 2050. Even though it may seem to be far into the future, it will put pressure on the ability of the society to satisfy all mouths. With restricted resources such as soil and water, the agricultural sector must enhance the efficiency and do more with less to provide sufficient food and feed.

Complexity increases
Already today the tendency is that the farms are getting increasingly complex and count more and more production sites. To stay ahead, you need solutions that provide overview and streamline the productivity. Obviously, you cannot rely on systems only. You are still dependent on having qualified workers but as the size of production increases, you need to have farm management systems monitoring your production.

Your production in the cloud
During production time, a large amount of data is generated. Important data that puts you ahead and enables you to make the right decisions. With a FarmOnline system all data is transformed into clear graphs so you at all time are updated on both house and farm level which enables you to compare the efficiency of the batches and benchmark your production.

Data driven solutions
As one of the world-leading suppliers of farm management solutions to the pig and poultry producers, we focus on digitalizing our products so they fulfill the demands of tomorrow’s producers. Extensive investments have been made to maintain the position as one of the digital pioneers within the industry. In close cooperation with our most trusted and future-oriented customers, we constantly develop solutions providing them the necessary products to improve the yield of their production. The agricultural future is data-driven and it is our job to provide our customers with highly advanced farm management solutions that despite their complexity are intuitive and user-friendly. This adds value to your business. We are with you from day one and to the day the product leaves the farm. Our systems ensure that your animals perform at their best throughout the batch. In order to do so, optimum production conditions in terms of ventilation and farm management solutions are a prerequisite.


Member of Panel for Digital Growth in the Food Cluster
The Danish Agriculture & Food Council has put together an interdisciplinary panel encountering some of the key players in the Danish food cluster including SKOV. The panel is assigned to make a vision for the digital growth and to put forward tangible proposals on how to fulfill this vision. The panel presented their recommendations to Kristian Jensen, Minister of Financial Affairs and the Danish press during a gathering at SKOV’s headquarters.