We will, we can and we do


We can, we will and we do

We want to be more than just a workplace for our employees – it has to make sense to go to work every day. When you’re a part of our team, the mission is clear: We want to contribute to an efficient and sustainable global food production. To make this happen we have three core values, deeply rooted in the way we do things. The values reflect what we can expect from each other and what the customers can expect from us.

Only together we succeed

We cooperate in developing a good workplace, where we behave with respect and openness towards one another. 
We contribute to a positive working environment driven by commit­ment and job satisfaction, with a balance between work and private life. We expect this of each other in order to create the positive co­operation, which promotes well-being and solidarity. 
We take responsibility and create the best solutions and results, with focus on the customer. We are constructive and responsible when talking with our colleagues.
We are part of a committed interaction, where we share knowledge and ideas.

Innovation and excution are prerequisites

We create a culture where we are positively encouraged and challenged to think creatively and innovatively. At SKOV, we expect innovation and execution. This ­requires being under constant development, both as employees and as an organisation. SKOV employees contribute with their ideas and solutions. We therefore ensure that good ideas are gathered and transformed into actions and results. Our solutions are developed in collaboration with our customers in order to optimise their results.

The will to win

At SKOV, we have ambitious goals and collaborate on being able to reach them. This is a motivation for us all. Therefore we make demands on each other, the working environment, constructive feedback and visible and supportive leadership. It is the management’s job to ensure that our goals are ambitious – and that they are clearly communicated. We must be good at dele­gating responsibility and authority, as well as developing skills and removing obstacles, in order to execute and achieve these goals.