Ideas become reality

Having SKOV as a partner provides you with a reliable, high quality solution, and we will be there from the moment of conception to final project. You will have a partner who knows about climate and farm management. We translate this knowledge into solutions that will increase your livestock production and profit. ​


Knowledge-based results

SKOV specialises in ventilation and farm management for animal production. We hold substantial expertise regarding animal climate requirements and how to create an optimum livestock house climate…


New modern test center

Testing new products is a significant part of the development process. The centre ensures that future products meet our high standards for quality and customer expectations when launched. The test centre includes new air-testing rigs, as well as a new aerophisics laboratory…


Reliable system for many years

A SKOV solution is developed to provide pig and poultry producers worldwide with excellent production conditions and optimum livestock conditions for many years. Equipment from SKOV has been developed to last many years, but, just as.…

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