FarmWay's showroom facilities



In March this year, FarmWay became a Certified Service Partner. FarmWay has been a trusted cooperation partner for more than 25 years. Following the appointment, Carsten B. Pedersen from Sales and Torben Breiner from Business Development recently visited FarmWay in Korea.


The smart and simple solutions made by FarmWay were quite impressive. For instance, they use a program to view all their installations on a map. Clicking on an installation, they get further information about this customer. They have TeamViewer connection to all their FarmOnline installations and group the installations in Broiler/Layer/Breeder. When a customer calls and describes a problem, they can log onto his system and help him straight away.


Their office also includes a showroom with key components installed for demonstration purposes. For instance, they have a functional air in/air out setup to show the Coanda effect. They also have a well-arranged stock facility with a lot of spare parts even for legacy products such as the DOL 36CT.