First Certified SKOV Dealer


We are pleased to announce that Agrener in Spain is the first certified SKOV dealer. Agrener has been a SKOV dealer for over 30 years and is continuously working to provide our Spanish customers with the best possible customer experience. The certification program is SKOV’s seal of approval and ensures that the dealer complies with the processes and standards defined by SKOV. Agrener is the first of many SKOV dealers currently in the process of becoming certified.

An acknowledged partner

SKOV's vision is to be the largest and most acknowledged partner providing climate and farm management solutions for animal production worldwide. SKOV collaborates with chosen distributors, and the certification program is created to ensure that customers get the same experience whether they deal directly with SKOV or one of our distributors.


"Our dealers are the SKOV representatives in the markets, so I'm happy to see that they make a firm commitment and put hard work into becoming certified as SKOV dealers. In the end, we all work for the same purpose; creating the best experience for the customer both concerning sales, delivery, installation, and service."
- Mads Grønlund Elkjær, Head of GDCP (Global Distributor Certification Program) and Academy.

More to come

When a dealer increases the service level throughout his business, it has clear advantages for both the dealer and the customer. With the obtainment of the new certification, Agrener has let the way for a new and higher standard for SKOV distributors. Currently, 10+ other SKOV dealers are in the process of becoming certified, and we are looking forward to welcoming even more shortly.