Make catching broilers easier


New catching function

In the latest version of our DOL 539 climate and production computer, we have introduced a new catching function that improves the conditions during catching of broilers.

​Minimise the stress level during catching

The new catching function ensures among other things that the broilers' stomachs are empty at the time of slaughter, just as any blend of wheat, corn or similar, which the broilers take longer to digest, is halted at an appropriate time before the catching.

It is important to minimise the stress level during catching, which is why the house computer regulates light levels and ventilation so that the animals remain calm. This also means that working conditions are optimised for the catcher.

The catching function ensures optimal climatic conditions for the remaining animals in the livestock house during the thinning out process (partial slaughter), while the house computer ensures that the feeding system is run empty at final catching. In this way, you avoid problems with hoisting it up under the roof caused by weight. The system is also ready for cleaning before the next batch of birds arrives.

The catching function can be activated directly on the house computer or via FarmOnline. The relevant alarms are maintained, while irrelevant alarms are automatically deactivated and reactivated when the catching function is no longer active.