Adjusting sensors via an app on your smartphone


Adjusting the sensors via an app on your smartphone 

The days of setting sensors using small screwdrivers or pushbuttons are over. We are introducing a new iDOL sensor, where the sensors can be set via an app on your mobile phone.




idol smartadjust

  • From mobile phone app to sensor via NFC technology
  • Loading of setup via SmartAdjust
  • One sensor – several applications
  • Always the correct sensor at hand

Several capacitive sensors are used within the field of agriculture – particularly for the detection and control of feed in connection with silo and feeding systems. These sensors are characterised by their need to be trimmed, e.g. by using a small screwdriver or pushbuttons.

SKOV is now launching a new iDOL sensor that can be configured via a mobile phone app. Parameters such as sensitivity, ON delay, OFF delay and Max run-time are set on a mobile phone and transferred to the sensor via NFC technology. It is also possible to read the settings from a pre-installed sensor via the same app. We call this technology SmartAdjust.

Save time in the livestock house
A feeding system will often contain several sensors with the same setting. This is where SmartAdjust technology saves time, as the setup only needs be made once on the mobile phone, after which it can be transferred to all sensors requiring the same setup.

Do your work in advance
The new range of iDOL sensors can be configured without the need for power. This means that a serviceman who needs to install several sensors can transfer the setup from the mobile phone to the sensors before mounting them in the house.

Always keep the correct sensors in stock
The iDOL sensor can be configured on site, making it flexible in comparison with other sensors on the market. The sensor is generic in operation until it is programmed. 
This means that it is always possible to have the correct sensor at hand in a service situation, and that it is not necessary to bring a variety of sensors to the individual task. Larger farms with their own service warehouses can also stock a smaller number of variants and still have the correct sensor at hand when needed.

The iDOL sensor is developed and marketed by dol-sensors a/s. The iDOL app is designed for use with Android smartphones and is free to download from Google Play.