New option for download of product documentation



New option for download of product documentation

For many years, we have supplied Danish, English and German documentation in printed paper format as standard for a number of products. We thus enclose printed documentation in not applicable languages, while failing to make optimal use of the other languages, into which the documentation has also been translated. We are now changing this procedure. From now on, we will only enclose printed documentation in English, but will provide easy access to downloading the documentation in PDF format in other languages via a so-called "deep link". 

Thus, on the front page of the English document, there will be a link to a page with documents. We have gathered all relevant documents for the product in question in all available languages here. The link can be entered into an internet browser, which will then display the relevant documentation. 

The displayed link - - thus gives access to all documents for the DOL 539 climate and production computer, for example, in all available languages. SKOV thus avoids enclosing large amounts of paper that will not be used, while also enabling our dealers and customers access to latest versions of all the relevant documentation. We will begin implementing this on 1 April 2016.