Air intake



The importance of fresh air supply

A healthy livestock house climate depends on many factors, but one of the primary ones is the supply of fresh air. There are several things to consider in connection with supplying air to the house, including the type of house, production type, and climatic conditions. SKOV offers a wide variety of air inlets, meaning that no matter where and how your livestock house is located, we have an air inlet suited to your needs.

Wall inlets
Fresh air inlet through the wall

Our range of wall inlets for pig houses is of the highest quality and encompasses brick-in wall inlets and flange inlets. The SKOV wall inlets feature advanced inlet control, and combining this with a cycle timer makes it easier to control the airflow at minimum ventilation. All wall inlets from SKOV are also equipped with an insulated inlet flap to prevent condensation, and the inlets are furthermore equipped with a metal bar to ensure that the inlet closes tightly and does not warp. 


SKOVs high-quality wall inlets provide the animals with fresh air

High-quality materials

The inlet housing is made from high-quality plastic and is therefore resistant to minor displacements of the brickwork. SKOV wall inlets open via pull rod and are held shut by strong springs ensuring precise closing functionality in all weather conditions, including very cold periods.

We have also developed a wide range of accessories for our inlet assortment, to include air direction plates and air damping plates.


Ceiling inlets
Fresh air​ inlet for the ceiling

In some livestock houses, wall inlets are not appropriate and it is better to direct air into the house via ceiling inlets. This is for example the case with monoblock houses. As with our wall inlets, our ceiling inlets have an insulated inlet housing and flap to prevent condensation and freeze-up. The ceiling inlets feature advanced inlet control, and combining this with a cycle timer makes it easier to control the airflow at minimum ventilation.


​​Ceiling inlets mounted in a farrowing section
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Roof inlets
Inlets especially suited for monoblock houses

In certain countries, the air intake must be above the ridge to reduce the risk of infection. In other countries, there is a tradition for monoblock houses, making it impossible to use wall inlets, and the roof construction without ceilings makes it impossible to use ceiling inlets. For such instances, SKOV has developed an air supply unit combining high performance with low air velocity in the area occupied by the animals. The two elements are often conflicting, but the conundrum has been solved with the use of air direction plates providing optimal air distribution. Even during warm periods, where large amounts of air are taken in at high velocity, the unit distributes the air so that the animals do not experience draft.

The unit can be installed in any type of livestock house and is manufactured from sturdy, high-quality components. 


High performance roof inlet mounted in a Danish pig production
Tunnel inlets
Air supply for all types of tunnel systems​

DA 10K/DA 17K

​SKOV developed a tunnel inlet for use in pig houses, as the maximum opening range is a mere 37 cm.

Rack & Pinion tunnel opening mounted in a pig livestock house

​The inlet is offered with semi-insulation and high-insulation flaps and is made from high-quality plastics. The tunnel inlet is tight and you avoid cold areas in front of the inlet when it is not in use. The tunnel inlet is easy to install and encompasses a very precise opening/closing function, providing optimum conditions for the animals in the house. The inlet is easy to install and the material quality ensures a long life.​


Rack & Pinion

​Rack & Pinion is a strong and stable system with a good, solid closing mechanism to make the door close tightly. Rack & Pinion tunnel opening is installed directly in the house wall with cooling pads.

​Tunnel Door Light

​Tunnel Door Light is a flexible, lightweight system adaptable to most wall thicknesses and door materials. SKOV supply mounting sets to ensure that the air inlet works perfectly. ​



Air intake for pig livestock houses 


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