Investing in safety

In mechanically ventilated houses, it must be ensured that animals do not suffer in case of ventilation stop, for example due to power failure. It is important that the ventilation is quickly restored as the oxygen content of the air will rapidly be reduced; air humidity increases and the animals cannot get rid of their excess heat. The SKOV alarm system is simple, reliable, stable, and very efficient, giving immediate alarm signals so that you can intervene.


  • Advanced temperature monitoring
  • Fingerprint and PIN code identification
  • Monitors climate and production equipment
  • Monitors battery back-up for own power supply
Protect your pigs with a user-friendly alarm system

The SKOV alarm system can monitor temperatures in several houses and trigger alarms for unintended climate changes and production equipment failures.The alarm includes advanced temperature monitoring with outdoor temperature compensation and can receive input from production equipment, for example an alarm for low silo content or unusual water consumption is registered in the house. The alarm unit also monitors its own power supply and battery backup.


The alarm is available in several versions depending on your need​

Several alarmtypes

Alarms may be given in several ways, such as in the form of silent alarms, general alarms, and local alarms in the form of siren, flashing lights and loudspeakers. Also DOL 2400 gives alarm using telephone calls and SMS messages.


Increased security and user-friendly design

Users must identify themselves via a fingerprint scanner and PIN codes to use the alarm system. This avoids unwanted changes and settings and enables the viewing of a user log for the past year. The alarm is controlled via a user-friendly touch screen with easily accessible overview menus and also offers an integrated GSM modem.


Alarm systems for every need

The SKOV alarm system can be supplied in many versions, with or without fingerprint scanner and with 10 or 20 outputs. The outputs can be used to initiate the backup ventilation in the event of an emergency. For example, DOL 2400 can launch emergency ventilation when the house temperature exceeds a set level.

Alarm systems for pig production​


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