Avoid excessively high temperatures with a cooling system

When house temperatures are too high, animal welfare and productivity suffer, creating a need to establish cooling in the livestock house. SKOV offers cooling systems with great focus on quality and flexibility, enabling us to offer the very best cooling products to our customers. Our cooling systems are made from materials guaranteeing you reliable and long-lasting products.

High-pressure cooling
Cooling with atomized water particles

With high-pressure cooling, the livestock house is provided with a finely atomized water vapour, which cools the housing air. High-pressure cooling is used both in LPV and in tunnel systems and can, depending on the outside climate, reduce the house temperature by 10°C. Cooling nozzles are placed by the air inlets of the house and are simple to control. The cooling system can be adapted to all house types.



The nozzles are fitted with an anti-drip valve

Additional functions

​High-pressure cooling can be used for more than just cooling. The system can minimise dust problems and raise the humidity level in the house. Between batches, the cooling system can be used to soak the house, making the washing process easier.


Anti-drip valve and optimum placement

The nozzle heads allow the cooling system to be adapted to all livestock house types - including in connection with renovation work. Nozzle openings are made with special tools after installation, enabling optimal positioning relative to the air inlets. All nozzles are supplied with anti-drip valves to avoid wet patches on the floor.

Pad cooling
Lower the temperature with cooling pads

SKOV supplies a complete and flexible pad cooling system for use in tunnel systems.


The pad cooling system is very flexible and can easily be adapted to most construction types​

Pad cooling cools the fresh air supplied through the cooling pads, which are kept moist by constant water sprinkling. The air is cooled when it absorbs water vapour from the cooling pads. SKOV's pad cooling system is an integrated solution with the water tank situated in the lower gutter. The system includes the best cooling pads on the market and is easy to inspect and maintain.​

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Cooling systems for pig production



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