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FarmOnline - farm management for modern pig producers

FarmOnline is able to monitor several houses from a central location and present the collected data graphically. FarmOnline provides the pig producer with a total overview of the climate at livestock house, farm and company level, just as the software offers the opportunity for swift handling of irregularities. The FarmOnline software is supplied in modules, so that the user does not have to pay for functionalities that are not used.

Tailored overview with FarmOnline

Connection to the climate controller on the farm is established via FarmOnline. The user can add photos or plans of the farm into the program. Adding graphic features for all levels (section, livestock house and farm) will facilitate navigation in the program, ensuring the user quick overview of conditions and accurate localisation of deviations in climate data.



With FarmOnline you get a complete overview 

​​'Hotspots' can be added to the outline view to show relevant key values for inside temperatures, alarm status, etc. Once the user has sized up the situation with the various overview screens, the climate screen makes it possible to go deeper into the climatic control function.The program displays selected key values for temperature, humidity, ventilation, heating and CO2 by means of user-friendly graphic elements where settings can be changed directly.

Takes your pork production to the next level

You get a complete overview of your production with ProGrow. This way you can make decisions based on up-to-date data. The system includes an integrated climate and production controller, which controls ventilation. It also controls heating, cooling, the dry feeding system as well as feed and water consumption.



3600 overview and easy management


​​You can register pigs for sales/delivery, removal to recovery pens, and those that have died. ProGrow includes the management program FarmOnline, which offers a complete overview of production.





Warning of disease

In the case of a disease in the pig herd, immediate action means that serious losses can be minimised and the disease quickly identified. Studies show that it is often possible to detect cases of disease in a pig herd through the pigs' water consumption as early as up to 24 hours before any symptoms become visible. The FarmOnline module FarmWatch is a module used in connection with finisher production; it monitors water consumption. The system records the pigs' water consumption every hour, and notice about any deviation from normal consumption is given via an SMS message and an alarm view on the house computer.


Treatment can thus be initiated before the disease affects productivity adversely.


With FarmWatch any irregularities in the pigs' water consumption are detected
Because a quick reaction is important


FarmOnline triggers an alarm should a situation arise which the user needs to respond to. The alarm can be vital for the production, which is why alarms are always shown by means of a pop-up function, no matter, which program is active on the PC.


With FarmOnline you get all alarms no matter where you are

Various alarm types

FarmOnline displays alarms as a red indicator, which when clicked on opens an alarm window with details of the alarm. Users with the relevant rights can sign acknowledgement of the alarm and also add notes about e.g. cause of alarm and troubleshooting. There will subsequently be the option to analyse the occurrence of historical alarms, so as to draw from experiences that can help optimise the production in the future. 


It is also possible via FarmOnline to monitor the alarm system on the farm directly as well as to see settings from the individual alarm indicators, for example the temperature limit for when an alarm is sent from a house. 


Furthermore, alarms from FarmOnline can be sent as sms message or email. The user can opt to receive selected alarms, just as the recipient of the alarm can be set.​



​FarmOnline for pig production







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