Vietnam - a rapid growing market


Danish quality in Vietnam

In collaboration with Danish Farm Concept, SKOV has recently supplied ventilation to a newly built farm with breeding animals in northern Vietnam. Danish Farm Concept is a company and brand name representing the entire Danish model for pig production.

danish farm concept

    • Modern pig farm design and tecnology
    • Danish genetics
    • Nutrition program
    • Education, training and management

Local presence
The Asian market is a growth market of great importance to SKOV A/S. In order to be close to our Asian customers, SKOV's Asian interests are handled by SKOV Asia Ltd, which is located in Bangkok. 

"Vietnam is potentially one of the most interesting markets for pig production in South-East Asia, and over the past two years we have experienced strong interest in our solutions," says Joergen Moeller Andersen, Area Sales Manager SKOV Asia Ltd.

Hoayen Farm, north of Hanoi in Vietnam

Temperature fluctuations and high humidity
In collaboration with Danish Farm Concept (DFC), SKOV has recently supplied ventilation to a herd of 1200 breeding animals. 

The farm, familiarly referred to as Hoayen Farm, is located north of Hanoi and owned by the Hoa Phat Company. 

Hoa Phat Company owns a number of pig farms across Vietnam, and also runs businesses in other areas. 

"Our Combi-Tunnel ventilation system is ideal for the region where Hoayen Farm is situated. The temperature varies greatly throughout the year, just as the high humidity level must be taken into account," continues Joergen Moeller Andersen.

When only the best is good enough
Hoa Pha Company wants to establish a modern and efficient production of breeding animals. 

It is focusing heavily on selecting high quality equipment as well as professional advice, and the result is a modern farm established according to the latest principles. 

"The animals on the farm are supplied by our DFC partner Danbred, and the first 400 animals were flown from Denmark to Vietnam in June. The last animals were delivered this month," continues Joergen Moeller Andersen.

All-in one solution
Danish Farm Design has designed the layout of the house, Vissing Agro has supplied the housing equipment, and employees from Hoayen Farm have attended a training course at Dalum Agricultural Business Academy, just as an adviser from Danish Farm Design will be present at the farm during commissioning. 

"Hoayen Farm is the first farm of this size we have supplied ventilation to in Vietnam. We have just received our next order of the same size, and I expect that we will enter into more deals before the end of the year," concludes Joergen Moeller Andersen.