Invest in safety


Invest in safety

Have you ever been woken by an alarm from your livestock house and had to get out of bed to inspect your animals? Or oven worse, have you ever cancelled an alarm without knowing exactly what caused it? 

Modern pig production is intensive and requires an alarm system to ensure prompt action in case of power failure or other incidents.

Specific alarms

Knowing what caused an alarm is very convenient,NHL_BW.jpg because some alarms require action immediately while others can wait until the day after. 

- Having an alarm system from SKOV, you receive alarms specifying where exactly in the house the alarm is set off and you are also informed about what kind of problem caused the alarm, so you can assess whether you need to take action right away or it can be postponed till later, informs Niels Henrik Lundgaard, Product Manager at SKOV.

Multiple languages

It is quite common to have foreign employees and it can be quite challenging for them to operate a controller or an alarm if the display text is in another language. 

2400-Alarm.jpg SKOV's DOL 2400 Alarm supports ten different languages

- Of course, it is easier to take action, when the alarms are given in your native language and my experience is that faulty uses are more likely to be avoided, tells Niels Henrik Lundgaard. The DOL 2400 alarm supports Russian, Swedish, Czech, Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, Thai and Chinese.

High level of security

- Every producer’s worst nightmare is to lose animals and through the years, I have heard some terrifying examples of how animals have suffered because of ventilation breakdown and human mistakes, tells Niels Henrik Lundgaard and continues ‘Luckily, these accidents are rare but it stresses the importance of having an effective and efficient alarm system and back-up ventilation.