Safety and user-friendliness must be first class


The three most important demands on equipment suppliers

“Suppliers of equipment must place emphasis on production safety and user-friendly systems,” is the advice from a consultant at Danish Crown Owner Service. 

Production-safe systems, efficient real-time data and user-friendliness. These are three examples of what should be guaranteed by equipment suppliers, according to Kristian Jensen, a consultant at Danish Crown Owner Service

facts in numbers

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    Turnover: Approx 60 bill. DKK per year
    26,000 employees
    7,600 shareholders
    Approx 22 million pigs and sows a year

Real-time data, trust and easy to use
”One can come a step closer to this by using real-time data connected to an alarm that is first sent to employees and then to consultants and veterinarians. This increases the possibility of detecting problems during production effectively,”
says Kristian Jensen. 

He also emphasises the importance of the farmer being able to rely on his production systems. 

”This requires that the systems are thoroughly tested before being put into operation. And that the 'technical nerdy' equipment is user-friendly. There is a risk that farmers refrain from using the equipment if it is difficult to use, thereby not exploiting its potential. This is not good,” ascertains Kristian Jensen.

As a consultant in Danish Crown Owner Service he sees it as one of his and his colleagues’ main tasks to help create a profitable production of slaughter pigs in primary production.

”An increase in efficiency for the finisher pigs has not increased in the same way as that of the sow units. The Owner Service is helping to rectify this. One of the ways we are doing this is through our Consultancy Offer, which consists of a subscription with a fixed number of annual visits at a fixed price,” explains Kristian Jensen.

Increase of contribution margin
Danish Crown Consultancy was launched in the summer of 2014 and now has around 600 subscribers that, through consultancy, has increased their contribution margin by an average of 17 DKK per pig. The figure includes, among other things, over 27 grams of extra daily gain, a reduction in mortality of 0.4% and 1 Danish penny less in weight deduction. 

These average figures have given rise to Kristian Jensen assessing the potential of improving the production results as a major thing.
”The best producers achieve an efficiency of 0.3 FeU/pig/kg above average, just as they have a significantly higher daily gain of up to 100 g. The price for both food consumption and gain brings this up to 50 Danish kroner more per pig,” says Kristian Jensen. 

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