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Installation Wizard for climate controllers

Our new 6.5 software comes with an Install Wizard to enable seamless installation.

First Certified SKOV Dealer

We are pleased to announce that Agrener in Spain is the first certified SKOV dealer. Agrener has been a SKOV dealer for over 30 years and is continuously working to provide our Spanish customers with the best possible customer experience.

New fly screen reduces risk of infection

​SKOV is launching a new fly screen that reduces the risk of infection in pig and poultry productions.

RBPI expands - 12,400 sows full line

​Russian Baltic Pork Invest invests heavily in pig production in Kaliningrad and the Nizhny Novgorod region in Russia. SKOV supplies ventilation and FarmOnline to the new housing units.

Adjusting sensors via an app on your smartphone

​The days of setting sensors using small screwdrivers or pushbuttons are over. We introduce a new iDOL sensor, whre the sensors can be set via an app on your mobile phone.

The best year ever

​Growth in every area - our best year so far!

Global Distributor Meeting

​The key to success depends on having the best solutions but it is also important to have trusted partners. We have both. in November we invited all our distributors to Denmark.

I wanted to learn more

​The motivation for participating in a course varies. For Roman Slivinskyi form RBPI in Russia it was the urge to optimise the work and work smarter with FarmOnline that drove him on a customised course.

Faster operation and more user-friendly

​Faster operation and increased user-friendliness

Earn EUR 2,500 extra per batch

An increased concentration of ammonia has a major impact on the revenue of your broiler production.

Data is a way to good business

​Bjarne Vest, Business Development Director at the Axzon Group, recently paid a visit to SKOV in Denmark to see the latest management system technologies in use in pig production.

Danish Pig Academy

​New strong Danish collaboration creates international showroom in Herning.

FarmWay's showroom facilities

FarmWay's office includes a showroom with key components installed for demonstration purposes.

FarmMark is a Certified Service Partner

​We are happy to announce that FarmMark Pty. Ltd. is now a Certified Service Partner. The company is based in Queensland, Australia. 

Trainee of the Year

​Djakuy za nagorody. That’s how this year’s winner of Trainee of the Year 2017 would say ‘thank you for the award’ in her Ukrainian mother tongue.

New modern test centre ensures development of future products

​Testing new products is a significant part of the development process. SKOV has recently put a large new test centre into service.

Camera weighing for weaners and porkers

​Manual weighing is time-consuming and hard work. Thus, pig producers require automated weighings and monitoring of the performance.

Dynamic Air - best in test

​Dynamic Air has proven to be the best measurement principle. Dynamic Air had the highest total score of the 14 technologies included in the test.

Cooperation anniversary

​Since 1997, FarmWay in Korea has been a SKOV Distributor. It has been and still is an inspirational cooperation. FarmWay planted the idea of a ventilation system that could combine side mode and tunnel mode.

New controller improves the overview

​Soren Andersen, Danish pig producer, has tested our new controller for pig production. Learn more about the new features and what Mr Andersen sees as the most useful ones.

SKOV wins Agromek Award 2016

​SKOV wins Agromek Award 2016 for the ProGrow system.


​Taking your pork production to the next level. With ProGrow it is the end of manual weighing and historical data.

Company of the week

​SKOV is the company of the week in INDUSTRINEWS.

New option for download of product documentation

​For many years, we have supplied Danish, English and German documentation in printed paper format as standard for a.... 

The first sod for the new build has been cut

​Mayor of Skive Municipal, Peder C. Kirkegaard, cut the first sod for the new build on Tuesday 26 Jan 2016 in the presence of SKOV employees. Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016, and we look forward to welcoming...

Danish Farm Concept in Southeast Asia

​Danish Farm Concept exports pig technology to Southeast Asia. Vietnam and the Philippines invest in the Danish model for pig production. Danish Farm Concept has signed the first contracts to supply investors in Vietnam and the Philippines with new turnkey pig production facilities...

SKOV invests 60 million

​SKOV believes in the future and invests DKK 60 million in Glyngoere
SKOV A/S, which produces ventilation and management systems for animal production, has reached the end of the financial year 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015. The results show growth: the company has instituted investments of approx DKK 60 million for the coming financial year...

New modern test centre

​Many were interested and dropped by last Friday, when R&D Software Manager Ebbe Kronborg opened the doors to SKOV’s new software test centre at the head office in Glyngore.

Danish Trade Delegation in Vietnam

​SKOV A/S, partner in the Danish Farm Concept, participated in the official Danish trade delegation in Vietnam together with the Minister of Agriculture...

Ceiling-mounted cooling pipe

​SKOV is launching a new mounting set for cooling pipes, which makes it possible to mount cooling pipes from the ceiling. The ceiling-mounted cooling pipe is placed...


​In mechanically ventilated houses, there is a high risk that animals will suffer serious harm if the ventilation system fails and is not re-established quickly. The oxygen content of the air...

PPA - now a member of the Plasson Group

​SKOV congratulates PPA on becoming a member of the Plasson Group...

Greater output through increased knowledge

​To get the best output from our systems it is important to have the right training. SKOV held four seminars in Australia and New Zealand...

FarmOnline Service Access

​FarmOnline Service Access er et nyt programmodul til FarmOnline programpakken, der giver mulighed for at få en 100 % identisk visning og betjening af...

Targets fully-closed houses for 3200 sows

​Malaysia's top poultry integrator Charoen Pokphand Foods gained a foothold in the local pork market early 2012...