50 years in operation - and still going strong


50 years in operation – and still going strong

When we say, we make high-quality products, we mean it. Back in 1968, Folmer Østergaard built his first rearing house. The house was equipped with a ventilation system bought from the Skov brothers. It was the third system the two brothers sold, and now 50 years later the system is still in operation.

When a story takes a turn
Initially, we visited Folmer to learn more about his experiences with SKOV’s equipment through the years, but we soon realized that Folmer is a well-traveled man with an exciting story. 

A story that goes back in time. A story about a man who has dedicated his work life to egg production. But how did he end up as egg producer? 

We visit Folmer on his farm in Lem not far from SKOV’s headquarters.

We are welcomed by a little, happy dog and Jan, Folmer’s son in law. We are shown the way to Folmer’s office which is decorated with honorary prizes, framed photos, and piles of papers that implies that the person who lives here has been in the business for many years. 
Folmer greets us with a firm handshake and asks us to take a seat. Folmer is no longer a spring chicken, and it is his daughter and son in law that run the production. Nevertheless, Folmer is very well-informed, and he knows exactly how many birds they have stocked and what is on the agenda.

Iceland woke the wanderlust
Folmer grew up on a smallholding with his family, and he started to work at an early age, which was customary practice at the time. 
In 1957, Folmer decided to travel to Iceland for six months to go into service on a farm. The stay in Iceland nourished Folmer’s wanderlust and only a couple of months after returning from the north he embarked a ship bound for the States.

April 10, 1958, Folmer sets foot on American land, and that is the beginning of a stay that, with few exceptions, lasted for ten years. During this period, Folmer and his Danish girlfriend Ruth did odd jobs. Folmer has worked in the mines, and he has been working on oil pipelines. For some time, he also worked as a construction worker, and he worked with farming. The mission was to save up some money to buy a farm in Denmark.


Poultry production? Never again…
In 1968, Folmer, Ruth and their four children returned to Denmark and started looking for a place to settle. Finding the perfect place for the family was not easy. However, in the end, Folmer’s brother found a farm of 17 hectares in Lem where the family could settle down. 
Back in Salling, Folmer chooses to start a poultry production. Why poultry, we ask him? Folmer laughs and says: ‘Before the war, my dad was a poultry producer, and it resulted in a deficit, so at that time we said, ‘never again,’ but at the time I started, there was not any money in the Danish pig industry, so I decided to try poultry production.’ That turned out to be the right choice. From 1968-1975, Folmer expanded the site with five new houses. He also extended an existing poultry house and his cage production counted more than 100,000 hens per year.


Loyal customer and valuable feedback
Throughout the years, Folmer has sworn by SKOV, and except one time he has always had SKOV ventilation system. That one time he chose differently. He replaced it with SKOV after some time as the system he had bought did not live up to his expectations. So besides being in the poultry industry for 50 years, Folmer also has been a loyal customer to SKOV for the same amount of time, and we enjoyed working with him. Through the years, he has tested several new solutions from SKOV, and he has given us valuable feedback. 

On the question of why he prefers SKOV’s products, he replies: ‘SKOV produces products of the highest quality, and you provide a good service. You also keep developing new innovative products’.