Asian giant invests in BlueFan


Asian giant invests in BlueFan

Headquartered in Singapore; Japfa employs over 32,000 people across an integrated network of modern farming, processing and distribution facilities in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India and Myanmar. 
Having more than forty years’ experience, Japfa excels in producing quality dairy, protein staples (poultry, beef, swine & aquaculture) and packaged food that nourish millions of people.

One of the heavyweights of the Asian poultry industry
Japfa's largest business in the animal protein segment is poultry. They operate over 70 breeding farms and 30 hatcheries and numerous broiler and layer farms. 

Impressive numbers indicating an ever-growing company with a distinct sense for making business.

Only healthy animals are productive
Japfa's poultry business depends on providing the animals optimum livestock house conditions. They know that only birds provided the best conditions make top results. They acknowledge that it is a bit more expensive but in the end the investment pays off.


“Japfa has a strong belief in the nurturing of mutually rewarding relationships based on trust and integrity. We see SKOV as our long-term partner developing new and great technologies that allow us to keep expanding new horizons.” 

- Nilton Pedro Vieira, Technical Poultry Management Consultant

Customer relations grow into partnership

The story of Japfa and SKOV goes back in time. In 2013 Japfa built 20 poultry houses in Indonesia, all with tunnel ventilation from another supplier. After the first batch Mr Vieira observed some climate issues in the houses. He contacted Tommy Krogh, Climate and Poultry Specialist from SKOV Asia Ltd. 


The tunnel houses are 600 m above sea level and it gets very cold during the night.
- I knew that Combi-Tunnel ventilation would solve the problem so I introduced it to Mr Vieira. He was convinced and decided to update the houses with Combi-Tunnel ventilation, Tommy explains. 

Six weeks later Mr Vieira saw big improvements. He decided to upgrade some farms in Northern Vietnam with Combi-Tunnel ventilation.

Japfa gets to know the BlueFan

Over the years Tommy and Mr Vieira were in contact on a regular basis and in October 2016 Tommy paid Mr Vieira a visit. He brought news about a new product that soon was about to be released. 

-Japfa used variable speed fans from another supplier. We were about to launch a new fan. A fan that I knew would be a game changer so I introduced the BlueFan to Mr Vieira, Tommy explains. 

Mr Vieira wasn't in doubt, he wanted the BlueFan. 

He equipped four houses with the BlueFan and tested the BlueFan with his existing fans. With its airtight shutter system, high output and corrosion free materials Mr Vieira found that BlueFan was the best technical solution. 

The fact that SKOV could deliver the complete system and has a local service organisation was decisive for his decision. 

Up until now Japfa, has put more than 700 BlueFans into operation.

Testing new system

- Cooperating with customers that provide us with valuable insight is of utmost importance. Japfa is a trusted partner and is going to test the upcoming Tunnel+ ventilation system that we’re working on, says Søren Smedegaard, Business Development Director. 

Some of Japfa’s farms are placed under difficult climate conditions that demand a new way of thinking. By testing a new system on Japfa’s farms, we are certain that the system fulfils the needs and we get important findings from the people that are using the system on an everyday basis. 

-SKOV's customers are some of the world’s top producers and we benefit from the close collaboration we have with them and the feedback they give, concludes Tommy Krogh.