Climate and farm management for layers


A correct climate is crucial for the productivity of the layers!

The optimum temperature for the layers is between 20 and 26°C. These conditions allow them to make the best use of feed and water to produce eggs.


The annual profit in a correctly ventilated livestock house with 50,000 animals can be approx € 0.50 higher per layer as compared to a livestock house where the temperature is not kept within the optimal range.


The general quality and size of eggs change when the animals perceive a temperature above 27°C. The number of eggs will also be reduced when the perceived temperature exceeds 30°C.


Tailor-made solutions

SKOV tailors the ventilation system so that it adapts to climate and production conditions.


We tailor the solution as to whether production takes place in a cage system, non-cage system or non-cage system with access to the outdoor areas.


The ventilation has a significant impact on non-cage production. Layers can move around in the livestock house and look for areas where the climate is optimal. This increases the heat production and puts pressure on the litter and nest areas, as well as on the water and feed system in these areas. It is thus important that the climate is uniform in the entire livestock house under all conditions!


SKOV also has a solution for free-range production if the layers have access to the outdoor areas. We offer solutions for equal pressure ventilation that ensure a good and uniform climate in the entire livestock house.


In hot areas where tunnel ventilation is applied, SKOV's BlueFan ensures that you can build an extra-long livestock house for production of eggs in cage systems. In regard to the investment, long livestock houses would often be preferable.


BlueFan is able to ventilate very long livestock houses due to high capacity and pressure stability. This ensures a uniform livestock house climate as well as the well-being of the animals.


Production control

Delivering the best results demands the ability to monitor production and take corrective actions if it takes an unanticipated course.


SKOV's climate controller includes production modules tailored for layers with functions that enable systematic monitoring and effective control of production.


We supply the critical components - egg counters, water meters, feed and animal weighers.


The information is collected together with the climate data in the controller and provides a well-founded assessment of the productivity of the livestock house.



Overview yields profit SKOV’s management system - FarmOnline - provides egg producers with the following advantages:


• A complete overview of production at livestock house, farm and business levels

• Quick action in case of irregularities

• Improved production and business development based on historical
  data references

• Efficient implementation of production strategy in individual houses