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Save energy and save money

Our primary focus has always been on ensuring the best conditions for the animals in the livestock house. It has also been important for us to develop energy-friendly solutions for the benefit of both producer and the environment. We currently offer many solutions where you can save large amounts on the electricity bill while also ensuring optimal conditions for the animals. 

Dynamic MultiStep
Energy saving without compromising

In order to create the best climate for the animals in the livestock house, there are a number of factors to consider. These include the importance of replacing the air in the house with fresh air, which necessitates the installation of powerful exhaust units. The exhaust units require electricity, and as we know, electricity costs money. The greater the output of the exhaust unit, the more electricity is consumed. This is why SKOV has developed the energy-efficient regulating principle Dynamic MultiStep, which reduces your energy consumption significantly without compromising on livestock house climate.


The stepless regulation reduces the energy consumption​​

Energy-efficient ventilation for poultry production



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