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Livestock house climate is of great significance to the animals' performance, but we are well aware that there are other important factors. We collaborate with an array of professional experts with extensive knowledge in poultry production, as well as having our own poultry specialists. We would like this knowledge to benefit as many people as possible, which is why you will find informative articles, tips and tricks on this page that you may find helpful in your daily work​.


Ammonia measurement -
a tool for litter management

For many years, the controllers have controlled the climate in the livestock house using information about temperature, air humidity and the CO2 level. A newly developed ammonia sensor offers new opportunities…


Give your birds the best start

The productivity of your birds is determined already in their first week. Broilers are quite specific about the livestock house climate. It is especially important that temperature, air humidity, and air velocity are correctly balanced to give the broilers the best …


Better litter with lighting

Dry litter is important for the health and growth of birds. A correctly dimensioned and adjusted ventilation system and proper heating of the house prior to stocking is a good start for the litter, but an uneven…


Reduce your energy consumption

Heating and ventilation are some of the biggest postings on the energy bill in poultry production; but there are in fact ways to reduce energy…

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