PPA invests in upgrades in headwind time


Optimisation before new projects

The South African poultry market is facing difficult times because of low prices due to overcapacity. Despite this challenging situation, SKOV’s Sales and Service Partner in South Africa PPA experiences great interest from customers who want to increase the efficiency in their existing installations.


  • One of the most respected poultry and piggery equipment suppliers in Southern Africa
  • PPA is the agent for SKOV equipment and products for the poultry industry in Sub-Saharan Africa

SKOV upgrade kit is popular

- We experience poultry producers who are ready to invest in production optimisation in their existing houses rather than planning large investments in new projects, says Andrew Read, Technical Manager at PPA. PPA offers an upgrade kit, which enables their customers to upgrade their existing DOL 339 Climate controller to the more advanced DOL 539+P controller, which is a climate controller including some production features. During the present upgrade campaign, PPA has sold the kit to more 17 different customers and they expect more to come. 

According to Andrew Read, Technical Manager at PPA, there are several reasons why the customers upgrade their controller. 

– Those of our customers who have updated their controller have improved their production results as the DOL 539+P controller allows them to control input parameters like feeding, water consumption and weighing of feed and birds. 

In addition, the controller ensures an optimal minimum ventilation and the producer can analyse the production data with FarmOnline, concludes Andrew Read.

Quick turnaround and low installation cost
If you are not convinced by now that you should upgrade your existing climate controller, you might like the fact that you can use your existing wiring, back panel and I/O boards. This means, that the total cost for upgrading your controller is kept at a minimum and that the turnaround time is quick and can be done between the batches.

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