Reduce your energy consumption



Reduce your energy consumption with Dynamic MultiStep® ​

Heating and ventilation are some of the biggest postings on the energy bill in poultry production; but there are in fact ways to reduce energy consumption for ventilation significantly.


Stepless regulation extends minimum ventilation

It is well-known that it takes more energy to power a high fan output than a low one. This is why SKOV has developed, whereby the fans are connected together into groups at approx. 50% of their output. Once all the fans are connected, they are all regulated in parallel up to 100% of their output when additional ventilation is required. That is to say that more fans are used, which therefore run at a lower output. This reduces energy consumption significantly while also maintaining the good climate conditions in the house.​


Reduces energy consumption by 40%

A study undertaken in a Danish broiler house with 40,000 broilers has shown, based on calculations and data from StaldVent, that the annual energy consumption can be reduced by 40%, which corresponds to an energy consumption of just 0.3 kWh per broiler annually. Energy consumption is reduced, while the animals have the same good climate conditions – the only change noted was that the noise level was brought down, much to the pleasure of both employees and animals.