Keep your installation at optimal performance

Downtime is both expensive and annoying, and must be avoided to the greatest extent possible. Most downtime can be avoided with daily maintenance and regular review of the systems.  We offer various types of after-sale service to keep your installation at optimal performance.

Extend the lifetime of the installation with a service contract

A service contract ensures that your SKOV installations are maintained and function optimally. The service inspection is performed by trained personnel, who have extensive knowledge about ventilation and farm management systems. They check that everything is running optimally and has been set up correctly. This means you minimize the risk of downtime while also extending the lifetime of your installation.

With a service contract from SKOV, you also receive a free round-the-clock telephone service. Additionally, an emergency turnout outside normal working hours will be free of extra charges when a service contract has been established.

Furthermore, we will give you a discount on spare parts replaced during service calls in connection with a service contract.


Preventive maintenance keeps your system running for many years
Contact ​
You can find the telephone number for the service technician on call here

In a modern livestock house with high stocking rate, it is important that the ventilation system is restores as quickly as possible in the event of downtime.

Time is often the critical factor if downtime occurs, which is why SKOV always has a service technician on call. The service technician ensures that ventilation is re-established quickly and safely.


You can contact SKOV's service department at the telephone numbers below.


International Emergency Help Desk (15.30 - 7.30 CET+1):
Ph.: +45 9773 2366 


International support (07.30-15.30 CET+1):
Ph.:+45 7217 5544




With SKOV you have 24/7 support

Spare parts
Speedy delivery of original spare parts

Good, regular servicing and durable spare parts are the key ingredients to a reliable ventilation system. A ventilation system consists of many components, which must function optimally together. This is why it is important that you always choose original spare parts for your system from SKOV. Spare parts are approved by the same personnel who are responsible for the development of SKOV's systems and are sent quickly from the repository.

You can see our spare parts overview right here.


A reliable system is determined by orginal, durable spare parts 
Upgrades and updates
Keep your system up-to-date with the latest updates​

We are constantly working to develop and improve our ventilation and farm management systems. In order for you to have a modern and reliable system at all times, we offer you software upgrades and updates. It is important to keep your software up-to-date in order to take full advantage of the latest features at all times.



Get maximum profit of your systems by updating your software
Training and education
Receive training tailored to you and your team​

It's not enough​ simply to have a high-quality system because if you do not operate and maintain it correctly you will not achieve the expected results. This is why it is important that you and your employees are trained in using the system. ​ We have therefore started the SKOV Academy – a modern training institution that educates customers and dealers.​ The courses are arranged upon demand and are adapted to the individual's needs, just as we are happy to arrange training on the farm.​


We offer the following courses:


​Daily user

On the course for daily users you will learn how to take care of the daily maintenance of your ventilation system, just as you will be familiarised with our various ventilation systems and products. The course also covers an introduction to the values and key figures that give the best ventilation in the livestock house. The course lasts for one day and is set up on demand. The course is for you who oversees the daily inspection and takes care of the animals.

​Advanced user/Manager

On this training course, you will learn something about SKOV's ventilation principles, which form the basis for correct ventilation. After the course, you will be able to adjust your system and also carry out basic troubleshooting. The course lasts for two days and is held on demand.​

The course is intended for farm managers who have a clear understanding of production.



This training course is for those of you who are responsible for the daily operations of the livestock house and carry out adjustments of the house computer. You will be given a comprehensive introduction to SKOV's systems and principles and receive a basic knowledge of the most important values and key figures for creating the most optimal ventilation. The course lasts for three days and is set up on demand.​


SKOV Academy runs various courses and we construct customised courses as well