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The future is digital Boost your production with Episcope.

  • Episcope simple to use

    Simple to use

    Clear and intuitive presentation of data in your preferred language.

  • Episcope accessibility


    Use it on any device (PC or mobile) no matter if you are in or out of the office.

  • Episcope deep insights

    Deep insights

    Analysis of your production performance offers you deeper insight into your operation.

Episcope benchmarking


Become the best broiler producer

Episcope benchmarks your performance against other farmers in an anonymised way.

See how you are performing on selected production and climate parameters.

These valuable insights gives you basis for optimising your production. 

Become the best broiler producer!

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Episcope Slaughter Weight

Slaugther Weight

Higher rewards or lower penalties

By using modern technology, Episcope is able to predict your slaughter weight based on your production data.

The DNA of Episcope is to get smarter and more accurate over time.

All in order to improve your financial performance!

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