Benchmarking is a service for conventional broiler producers with closed house production with SKOV 1 or 2 zones climate and production systems.

Types of SKOV climate systems eligible for this benchmarking service:

  • Low Power Ventilation (LPV).
  • Combi-tunnel (CT).
  • Tunnel (T).

It is simple to use, but you need some SKOV equipment and software to be able to use this benchmarking service and have the described minimum production history.

PC with FarmOnline license:

  • Must have access to the internet and remain turned on 24/7 for regular data transfer.
  • Connected to all the house controllers.
  • Licenses installed:
    • Climate Poultry license.
    • Production Broiler license.
  • Allowance for SKOV to send your data from FarmOnline to the cloud.

Broiler house equipment in all the houses:

  • SKOV Climate and Production controller (DOL 539/DOL 339 with FOWL box).
  • SKOV Feed Weigher (DOL 99/DOL 9940).
  • SKOV Poultry Weigher (DOL 98/DOL 98-S/DOL 94).
  • SKOV Temperature and humidity Sensor (DOL 114) or SKOV Temperature Sensor (DOL 10 or DOL 12) and SKOV humidity Sensor (DOL 104).

Data and batches:

  • At least 3 batches of production history:
    • At least 25 days of length per batch.
  • Quantity of broilers per house is registered in FarmOnline.

If you do not have the above mentioned high quality equipment and software from SKOV, we kindly ask you to contact your local SKOV dealer for further information and maybe a price quote.

See all SKOV dealers here.

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