To benefit from Episcope Slaughter Weight you must have all the following equipment and software installed.

Equipment & software:

  • PC with FarmOnline licence (v4.x.x and above):
    • Must have access to the internet and remain turned on 24/7 for regular data transfer.
    • Licenses installed:
      • Production Broiler license.
      • Web Access license.
    • Allowance for SKOV to send your data from FarmOnline to the cloud.

Broiler house equipment in all the houses:

  • SKOV Production controller or climate and production controller (DOL 539/DOL 535/DOL 339 with FOWL box).
  • SKOV Feed Weigher (DOL99/DOL9940).

Information on each finalised batch:

  • Slaughter weights (results from process plant) on all finalised batches.
  • Start date (DOC Arrival).
  • Slaughter date (time at arrival at slaughter).

Minimum 3 finalized batches per house.

If you do not have the above mentioned high quality equipment and software from SKOV, we kindly ask you to contact your local SKOV dealer for further information and maybe a price quote.

See all SKOV dealers here.

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