Active light control


Program for active control of light

SKOV's climate and production computer is equipped with a program for active control of light in poultry houses using DOL 16 light sensors.

Light level is a factor that the broiler producer must actively control
In line with ventilation, heating, cooling, water and feed, light level is a factor that the broiler producer must actively control to achieve a high level of productivity. All other things being equal, the growth of broilers and laying of eggs of parent stock can be optimised with correct light control.

As the light is actively controlled using DOL 16 light sensors, it is possible to maintain light at the level recommended by breeding companies or at a level which the producer has found to be beneficial. The producer will be able to recreate the same light level from batch to batch.

Light sources tend to weaken over time. This is the case for both fluorescent tubes and LED lighting. Active light control ensures that light level is maintained, even if the light source becomes dimmer over time. The climate and production computer will compensate for the light fading by increasing the voltage.

Legislation concerning regulation of light in poultry houses exists for reasons of animal welfare. Provided that the light source is sufficient, the broiler producer can ensure that the prescribed light level is maintained, while also having the option to document that the animals have been reared at the correct light level using the log of the climate and production computer.